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A term referring to Filipinos and tribes of Asia such as Mien, Hmong, Khmu, etc. The reason being is because they identify with no country and Filipinos can't agree whether they're Asian or Pacific Islander.
Tom: Man that fool hella fake Asian.
Jerry: Yeah! He can't decide if he's Asian or Pacific Islander!
by Tree50 September 11, 2007
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Someone who looks completely Asian but has no tie to their respective Asian country. They do not have an Asian accent, speak their own language, and did not even grow up there.
"Dude there was this new Asian kid, so I started talking to him real slow so he'd understand. Then afterward he just looked at me and said he's American. What a fake Asian"
by NikolaiSRB December 13, 2009
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1)An asian person who is brought up in Western culture at birth and has no root connections with his/her cultural language, attire, and dislikes oriental foods.

2) An asian person who lacks intellectual skills in math and sciences (and other skills) compared to the average asian.

3) A person who is of asian background but his/her appearances changes from time to time and/or can be manipulated by wearing African American/ Gino/Gina Italia clothing confusing others.

4) Usually an asian person found hanging around with people or places of other cultures than an asian group of "fobs" listening and speaking in asian language(s) i.e. Cantonese.

5) A person who is only partly asian.

1) person A: Yo that asian girl's soo white washed.
person B: I know man...she doesn't even have that Chinese-English she's never brought rice for fact i doubt she eats rice at all...

2) Gram: Yo Tom how do I calculate the moles of barium sulfate?
Tom: man, that's the WORST question you could ask me.
Mark: OH menng...don't ask him that, its got math and chem in it...he's such a fake asian, you need like Steve Lee to do that.
Tom: w/e man, I'm more asian than you'll ever will be.
Mark: oh.

3) Ben: Yo check out that asian!
Mike: I dunno man, she looks half aise...maybe her dad's Italian or she's wearing all that Puma.

4) Tian: Yo Huan let's go to Pmall today at the arcade for some DDR.
Huan: nah man, sry..Pmall's not my style...I'm gonna go ill with the others, prolly goin to EC downtown. Plus I like In The Groove better.

5) Hi, my name is Ryushi LaPointe.
by Motta March 07, 2007
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