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Someone who spends most of their time loafing in front of the chipotle in bethesda. It doesn't matter what time of day or what day of the week, they will always be there. It's just gay. First of all you have to be retarded to hang out there b/c the cops have the place on live surveillance since they are too lazy to walk two blocks from their station to actually guard the place. (Little side note: the cops are never there when you actually need them i.e. when someones getting robbed or sketchballs are harassing you. They only come to bust teenage drunkards.)
If you pass by, you will likely see fagpotle loafers:

smoking cigarettes

loafing for a period of over 5 hours

having softcore sex on the public benches

ppl intimidating but not scrappin

55 year old losers buying kids beer and droping it off via bicycle

25 year old pedos hooking up with 15 year old whores

asking random ppl if they wana score bud
(on occasion there will be ppl who come up to you and ask if you want FREE bud..This means they want to rape you)

and of course, drunk retarded bitches making a scene on friday night

Even if you offer these ppl something better to do they refuse to budge if your offer is not in location within a few blocks.
fagpotle loafer: lets head on down to chipotle and score some 40's dogg!

normal person: id rather not, I usually have someone i know well buy me alcohol. I could call him right now, he could give us a ride, and we can all stay over at his place.

fagpotle loafer: Nah ur good

normal person: You're a faggot dude
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