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An insult; a collaboration of both words, used in the context of someone being disliked.Fag: Used to describe someone who is disliked, alienated, full of themselves. (Also an abbreviation of faggot- used to describe a homosexual person but not suitable in the context of somone being disliked.)Knob: An idiot/tool/retard etc. (Also meaning a penis. But again, this is not suitable for use in the context of someone being disliked.)
1. Person 1- "That tosser didn't win that penalty, he faked it."
Person 2- "Yeh. What a fag knob."
Person 1- "Hahaha yeh i rekon."
2. "Get lost fag knob, no one likes you."
by jenna, super cool July 31, 2006
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