A 'fact' proposed by Cracked.com to be truthful but is in fact inherently specious.
by Captain Conundrum February 08, 2014
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A useless fact that someone really wants you to know. Usually said when the fact has little to nothing to do with a conversation or in a large gathering of people. Seen by the fact giver as useful information or a party trick to show off smarts.

The term was originally coined by Joinen (An Australian Youtuber) during a twitch live stream. The stream has since been uploaded to his channel under the name WooHoo's MESSED UP "Girl Types"
In the video, Joinen reacts to a girl chasing after another girl, while girl 1 spouts useless facts to girl 2.
Boy: I'm thinking about getting the new iPhone
Girl: Did you know Martin Cooper made the first cell phone call
Boy: No one cares about your Crocodile Fact(s)
by K1ngpsych3 October 20, 2020
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Something one bogan tells another bogan therefor making the information true. This most definitely gets passed on to more bogans or anyone the bogan comes into contact with. Bogan facts are considered annoying and/or funny to educated people but mostly annoying. The educated person will most likely not argue with the bogan fact as it becomes too frustrating to prove a point as the bogan will only listen to other uneducated bogans.
A Cab Sav drinking yuppie sitting in a restaurant with his virginal fiancé overhears a couple of bogans talking at the bar.

Bogan 1: Must be one million fuck’n degrees out there.

Bogan 2: I still think that whole global warming stuff is a huge pile of shit.

Bogan 1: For real

Bogan 2: Too right

Bogan 1: Deadset

Bogan 2: Bloody oath

Cab Sav Drinking Yuppie: And that, my dear, is what they call a bogan fact.
by Caliban78 February 04, 2014
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When someone says something that isn’t relevant or you don’t care about. It can also be used when you over hear something spicy
Scenario one-
Friend: So I had this dream last night
You: ah fon fact

Scenario two-
Random person: so I whipped out my c***
You and a friend: umm fon fact...
by Steloo September 15, 2019
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FOOMA Facts are made up facts that the person stating them pulled the facts From Out Of My Ass. F.O.O.M.A.
87% of all statistics are made up on the spot. They are just FOOMA facts.

Q: Where did you get those statistics Joe, they really impressed the boss?
A: Those were off the cuff, FOOMA Facts.
by Scooterius Deus Rex October 04, 2017
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When someone passes along an untrue statement they heard as truth.
A derrick fact is: "The original guy from Blue's Clue offed himself because he couldn't take the show anymore."

He is, in fact, alive and well.
by weyluke June 01, 2010
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This is another way to emphasize just how factual something is while still including some ratchet language
alyssa: the cheer team is so bad
Gerry: thiccy facts they always mess up
by IlliterateJerry August 28, 2018
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