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A term that originated in New York that is used to agree with something, someone, or a statement. It can also be used to point out something as being factual.
"Yo deadass nigga if anyone scuffs my timbs they finna get stomped on bruh."
"Yo that's facts my guy."
by Fresh Timbs November 06, 2017
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Something a person says to agree with another persons statement, commonly used with the word "Bro" after it... "Facts bro"
Guy 1: "Yo this lifting session is about to be lit"
Guy 2: "Facts bro"
by kpm317 August 24, 2016
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A magical word that when spelled all in capitals, emboldened and followed by an exclamation mark makes any statement it follows indisputably true.
Dave: Hey Kyle
Kyle: Hey Dave
Dave: Did you hear that Luke had finally come out?
Kyle: No way! He's not even gay.
Dave: FACT!
Kyle: Fair enough.
by cptchopper79 October 21, 2010
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The place most people in the world tend to think their opinions reside...
This music sucks, no one should listen to it! That's a FACT!
by The God of all you know March 03, 2005
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