a place where you're friends with the people you hate
Grandma: What's Facebook?
You: It's a place where you're friends with people you know.
Grandma: I thought you hated everyone you knew.
You: Exactly!
by DancingAndy April 18, 2011
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A website that keeps changing things pointlessly, without ever actually fixing any problems nor making up its mind; a website that can never be properly fixed.

So when a person "pulls a facebook", it means that they cannot decide one way or another, and change things to cover up the various mistakes they have made instead of applying their time to fix them.
So I totally pulled a facebook on that math test. Hopefully the teacher won't notice how I got all the problems wrong because I made everything what I thought was pretty! =D
by AnnoyedPatron November 02, 2010
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buy the domain for your diy site
A - The new myspace for all you who are still on it.
B - A place of poking people, writing on walls, settling and starting drama/ fights and occasionaly liking random stuff.
C - The easiest way to spell addiction.
A - Welcome to Facebook!
B - I was on facbook last night with nothing better to do and put up a white flag of retreat in my poke war with nancy.
C - Speaker: Spell addiction

Normal teenager: F-A-C-E-B-O-O-K

Speaker: That is.... correct?
by smileychick June 12, 2011
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A free platform for the cultured elite aka failed comedians, to express their complexes and still sound like experts.
Their expertise is not bounded or limited to any field, but excellently covers all political, philosophical, socio-political & other areas holding a smart like name.
Often, but not always, these users will google to quote famous philosophers and thinkers or name irrelevant studies to legitimize their bitterness.
Whenever I need a validation that I am a person that matters I resort to Facebook
by Super smart Lebanese November 25, 2017
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Where all the internet tough guys go to pick fights over nothing with people they don't even know on pages they really don't like in real life.
I love reading fights on Facebook
by CeeJayy1021 September 02, 2011
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Website made to distract students from studying, homework, and school projects.
Student 1: Dude!!! I forgot to study last night because I was on facebook!!!

Student 2: Haha, sucks for you! My parents won't let me make a facebook!
by booty-raider December 21, 2011
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A website that poses as a medium for users to connect socially but is secretly a test of one's spelling, grammar, taste, maturity, and gullibility.
Person 1: Let's make Facebook profiles! This way we can connect with our friends!

Person 2: Sure! Let's just make sure to spell and construct sentences like we have progressed past the fourth grade. Oh, and let's also make sure not to post stupid pictures of ourselves that may ruin future career opportunities. OH! Also, we'd better not engage in stupid arguments or simply post things that we think sound cool or important without verifying their authenticity!

Person 1: ...well then maybe we should just avoid this, then.
by DarthGyro October 18, 2016
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