a cure for insomnia
dude 1: i cant sleep...the doc told me i suffer from insomnia and gave me meds but they dont work!

dude 2: try facebook, that'll fix ya right up!

by jash nasti February 04, 2008
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The ultimate creeping/procastinating tool. Also home to the infamous FarmVille.
"I spent all last night looking at this hot girl's photos on Facebook when I was supposed to be writing a report."
"Aw man! My cow died on Farmville!"
by Creepingprocastinator January 23, 2010
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A place where people announce their problems to the world but not to the person they have the problem with.
someone's status on facebook: some people really need to learn to clean up after themselves after they eat
by casemay14 June 18, 2011
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An intelligent person's alternative to myspace
Dude #1: Yo bro, you send me that thing on myspace?
Dude #2: Myspace is for whores bro, get a facebook
by Babadoo September 23, 2007
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A stupid website that used to be great before the teenagers and twilight moms took over it. Basically, on Facebook, you talk to people you don't know, 'friend' famous people, and share photos. Honestly, the only things Facebook is useful for are:

1. Posting pictures
2. Planning events

But no, people don't do that with Facebook. Instead, they waste all their time not making a difference in the world and instead playing some stupid game, cramming apps into their page, and gawping at some stupid status like "i juzt finished eating some pi lol" or "hy n00bz, lets al get some pizzazz!!!1!!111!!!one!!" when there's so much they can do instead, like hang out with REAL friends or go to a bar. People call it a "Social Network" but social time is actually and physically BEING with someone, not chatting with them in doofus language. Put blankly, Facebook is stupid and a stalker's dream.
I'd rather be with my girlfriend in real life than 'talk' to her over Facebook.
by TheReshiram December 30, 2010
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A less complicated Myspace for people who claim that Myspace was a waste of time, when really they just didn't know how to set it up.
Jason: "Wow sandy, you just got a facebook?, how do you like it"
Sandy: "It's great Jason. It's just like Myspace except without all the colors, music, apps, skins, addictions, and all around greatness."
by Justin Alsobrook June 13, 2008
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