Facebook is the new Bebo. Most of the people on Facebook are self absorbed attention seekers who like to post as many pictures of themselves as they possibly can. Facebook mainly consists of lyrical captions for duck face pictures and hormonal girls who feel the need to tell the world about their break up from a month long relationship. Some people often mistake Facebook for Twitter and include the hashtag after a dramatic speech of a status. Facebook is the home of drama. Log in to Facebook and you'll question the reason for some people's existence.
*Logs into Facebook*
Girl 1 status: "HATIN NOT BEIN NEXT TO YUU BBY. CRYIN MASEFL TO SLEEP EVRY NITE. night peepz :(:(:((: btw single nd lookin xxx"
Girl 2 status: "Fuck you and all your shit. I'm done."
Girl 3 status: "You're such a head f***!! I HATE BOYS!!"
Girl 4 status: "If happy eva after did exist i wud still be holdin u like dis all those fairy tales r full of shit 1 mor fukin love song ill be sick.. (8)"
Girl 5 status: "HAHAHA cant believe you #shitboysdo #onceacheatalwaysacheat #fuckthis #chicksb4dicks"
by PH4Nn February 26, 2013
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A social networking website, similar to MySpace, but used to be better, because only college students could sign up. But now, Facebook is becoming another MySpace clone by allowing everybody and anybody to become a member. So now, Facebook is a place for slut-faced high school girls to post all of their drunk and high pictures. And now, because Facebook is giving the options of changing your top friends, adding music to your profile, and adding other totally useless applications such as the "Fortune Cookie," "Food Fight," or "X-Me," it is just as bad as MySpace. Such a shame, because Facebook used to be good.
OMG YAY! I can have a top 8 on facebook AND myspace now!!
by A_Really_Cool_Person June 25, 2007
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Facebook is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) were the objective of the game is to collect "Friends"
Person 1: have u played that new MMORPG?
Person 2: whats it called?
Person 1: Its called facebook u have to collect friends to win.
Person 2: cool can i join?
Person 1: Yea ok and then u can add me.
by Mrillusion14 May 06, 2009
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a tool used to stalk people you are secretly jealous of. a tool to make your grades drop. a tool to keep you locked up in your room all day and feel accomplished. if you stalk someone a lot on it, you feel like you know them. dont let it fool ya, it can be embarrassing when you start a convo with them thinking your their friend when they dont know who you are. epic fail.
"call me mr. facebook, i can make your grades drop"
-to the tune of bedrock-
by seriousfacebookaddict101 July 16, 2010
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Stalking made easy!
An easy way to communicate with friends and strangers depending on who you add. You can also post photos and videos.
Dude #1-"Did you see my new sicky sicky ganar ganar pics on facebook?!"
Dude #2-"No me and my stalker were chatting."
by Juneffer June 03, 2009
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A social networking site designed to suck you dry of all time, violate your privacy, and connect you with your friends.
I found Peter on Facebook, but now he knows I've been shacking up with his girlfriend.
by esbar February 06, 2010
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