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The act of looking at all of the pictures of a person on facebook. The less you know the person, the better.
Dude, stop lookin' at facebook porn.
by Poop Geyser January 11, 2008
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fb porn is alternately defined as those rather questionable pictures that certain facebook sluts post of themselves in super skimpy clothes/slutty bathing suits/sexual poses/obvious "look at my tits/ass/..." amature-porn-like photos

-the posters of facebook porn think it's cool and sexy, but it's just kinda weird, TMI, and makes them look cheap (especially when women do it).

-also, the said posters of facebook porn tend to act all perturbed when people facebook stalk them like crazy (which is totally out of line on the part of the poster)
Dude, this girl Mandy is such a cyber slut. She acts all conservative in person, then posts this rediculous facebook porn--and she wonders why every guy in school looks at her that way.

I love looking at Mike's facebook porn. God-damn, he doesn't leave anything to the imagination.
by unluckypirate August 25, 2008
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noun 3 (Fay-ss-boo-k pore-ne): a picture on facebook that is worth getting off too. some people are more into facebook porn than actual porn, and search profiles for pictures rather than watching porn. facebook porn is legall so long as it doesnt violate the terms and conditions of facebook. all ages of users of facebook participate in facebook porn posting. both genders know/participate about/with it because 50% of all pictures on facebook are in bathing suits or more skin is showing than clothing. girls pull their pants/bottoms down a little further, and guys do the same. nearly all profile pictures are facebook porn. girls show they are trying to put out by bending at the waste (to let boobs hang), puckering lips, taking pictures in bathroom, dressing up, arial shots, editing, and dress up.
Kyle: did you hook up last night with Kristina?
Matt: no she wouldnt put out, so i looked for her Facebook Porn, and got off that way
Kyle: me too! she has so many good facebook porn pictures i dont even need to use her.
Matt: and she just got back from mexico with Cheyenne!
by guymanchill July 08, 2010
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