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one engages in the act of 'facebook masturbation' when one decides to 'like' their own status.
'Dude, maybe if I like my own status, I'll start a trend and people will start responding and liking it and I'll finally be POPULAR!'

Michael is partying down lol haha!
Michael likes this status.

Classic facebook masturbation.
by fine_dine_decca September 30, 2009
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The conceded act to "like" your own Facebook statuses, pictures, or wall posts. Abbrev as "FBation".
"Did you see that Joe totally Facebook masturbated all of his wall?"

"Yeah, he FBated like three times just today."

-Facebook friends with "mirror shot" default pictures have the tendencies to do Facebook Masturbation, as they like themselves more than others.
by Christian_Zamo April 19, 2010
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