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"Facebook diplomacy" is so called because it is, like real diplomacy, the building and maintaining of relationships, except it is done with facebook instead of in person, over the phone, or using any other traditional means of communication. Facebook diplomacy usually consists mostly of exchanging wall posts with other people.

Unfortunately, given that the nature of facebook is devoid of meaningful substance, facebook diplomacy is often just useless banter and/or not thought out or cohesive. A person might have a lot of facebook diplomacy with an acquaintance that they don't really know, which will often boil down to an essence of nothing more than "what's up?"
College student: "Man, I've got eighteen new wall posts, I've got some serious facebook diplomacy to conduct."

College student: "That girl from class just friended me. She seems cool, I think I'll do some facebook diplomacy and get to know her a little."
by Mister Big Words February 01, 2008
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1.The Concept, Idea, or Action of one issuing goodwill on Facebook, or really any other social network.

2.The connotative form of definition #1, where someone makes an often futile and socially awkward attempt at socialization on a social network (such as facebook), often with no previous communication to the receiver nor any plans to follow up in real life.
Example for definition #1:

Steve: "Hey, did you know what you did at the party last night?"
Joe: "Dude, I was too smashed to remember."
Steve: "You freaking puked on Sarah! It was hilarious!"
Joe: "What?! Great, now I'm going to have to pull some Facebook Diplomacy."

Example for Definition #2
Joe: "Hey, you know that girl that gives me the stink-eye at work?"
Steve: "The one that never talks to you?"
Joe: "Yeah. She just invited me to be on her "best friends" app."
Steve: "Weird. But that's Facebook Diplomacy for yah though."
by Mr. Pistachio May 10, 2010
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