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shoutout to someone...beginning a conversation..."eyo, wuttup". Calling a friend to attention.

eyo (hEY YOu)
eyo, wuttup? eyo,come here eyo, what your name? eyo,you wanna start something?
by LoLLiPoP August 12, 2004
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Extremely tuff. A phrase used to indicate excitement, and in some cases "gaiety".
Also, unbelievably surprising; used to indicate content, satisfaction, astonishment, and of course, GAIETY
C - "Yo i jus got laid man!"
F & J (collectively) - "Ey O!!!"
C - "Amazing aint it?"
J - "what? we was referrin to that bundle of ghoood stuff jus passin by!"
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E = Eat(ing)
Y = You
O = Out

To eat a girl out.
"Hey girl, I'm gonna EYO tonight"

"Shush girl, I'm EYO I can't talk"

by HuNhUn February 13, 2009
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when your driving off and you're like "E. Y. O. !!!!!!!!!"
by Dr. Jittle Mc Jitterson July 11, 2003
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Blurted out really fast in sequence to annoy or to sound rastarfarian.
RP: That Sean Paul is giving me a headache.
by RP December 31, 2004
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