the act of two persons eyes meeting and usually has a clear indication that they are "undressing each other with their eyes"; always has a sexual tendency. Definately able to excite and arouse all that participate.
"Michelle and Christian were totally having eyesex on the way to chemistry today; just look at the bulge in his pants!"
by none of your businesss May 01, 2008
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What Beckett and Castle have in almost every episode of Castle. They look at one another for a few seconds and they both know they are in love, but wont actually say it so they just have eyesex.
Beckett and Castle just totally had eyesex

I wish Beckett and Castle would stop having eyesex and just admit their feelings!
by castlecrazed22 February 11, 2012
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When you maintain eye contact with a stranger, in an oddly sexual manner, perhaps at the grocery store or driving down the street... for more than five seconds, you have successfully managed to "do" someone, eye-sex style.

Be careful though, don't want to share sloppy seconds with your friends ;) SAFE SEX, wear some SUNGLASSES!
(IN THE CAR driving with her girl friend)

Natalie: "OMG, OMG... I just DID him"

Kerry: "WHO?!?!"

Natalie: "That guy over there on the motorcycle... you know, eye sex"

Kerry: "Here's some glasses you NASTY! (throws sunglasses)... don't wanna go catchin' any pink eye!... GROSS"
by kdaw333 November 11, 2011
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When you stare at someone for a really long time, in a unsettling way
Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional has eye-sex with his fans during concerts
by H_K June 07, 2007
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When two people gaze at each other with such sexual emotion it just makes you want to scream and do that little OTP dance and act like a restarted seal and write fanfics about it (especially jotch smut)
Every single gaze JJ and Hotch share no matter where they are, it's eyesex at its finest
by itsagentjareau May 20, 2014
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Staring into another's eyes wistfully as though you'd like nothing more than to grab them by the hair and lay a heavy one on. Followed by jumping upon said person and having your wicked way with them!
FanGirl Gina: Dean and Cas DO NOT have the hots for each other.
FanGirl Dina: Gin-Gin, you are soooo wrong. All you gotta do is tune in to every episode of Supernatural to view the rigorous Eye!Sex happening there!
by sbenne February 23, 2014
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