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1, A lesbian woman with considerable sexual experience and an active willingness to explore offbeat sexual activities, often using sly and very smooth seduction methods.

2. a lesbian woman who is extreme in dress or manner, far out in appearance.

3, A lesbian woman who is an active partner in a relationship that is extreme in perversity, usually an intensely sexualized dom/sub relationship similar to Lezdom, but more sexual than ordinary BDSM, or dom/sub.
1, That's one extreme lesbian there, she have that dolly doing her ass in no time, and have that girl thinking it was her idea all along!

2, That girl looks so extreme; I mean it's one thing to be an out lesbian, but does she need to be THAT extreme?

3, See the tall woman? She's got that girl wrapped right around her little finger to the point that she'll do anything that woman wants, and I mean ANYTHING! If that's lesbian, then it is extreme lesbian!
by Donna Mae33 January 01, 2009
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