A phony awareness raising campaign used to dupe a major pharmaceutical company into financing an unqualified dolt in a comical effort to fail on 7 continents. The endeavor has largely been successful with failures in North America, Europe, Antarctica, and South America. The effort also failed to even climb the correct mountain in Oceania.
The most noteworthy accomplishment of the entire Expedition Hope fiasco was the removal of a shit glacier from Joe's chaffed crack on Aconcagua.
by Dave Montande April 10, 2008
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When you get the boys together to fuck around at Wal-Mart and piss off the people that work there.
by Snipplez June 9, 2020
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A bad, or potentially/likely bad, date one goes on within the three-month period after being dumped.
Bob: What are you doing tonight after work?
Randy: Got another Humiliation Expedition; drinks at Local Option.
Bob: How'd you meet this one? Grinder?
Randy: Tinder asshole.
by Are2Dee2 September 29, 2014
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A large scale spam operation aimed at getting unsuspecting people's passwords to their online banking sites, eBay and PayPal accounts and other points of interest on the web. Usually involves an alarming email message informing the recipient that his account's been compromised or a security upgrade in in progress that contains a link to a fake web site that's been made to look like the real thing. The email insists that in order to keep your account active, you MUST click the link and log in - thus giving the people running the phishing expedition access to your account.
That phishing expedition seems to have worked, we got access to over 500 new accounts.
by Wolfie2k8 April 27, 2008
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This term refers to being on your best behavior when doing bad ass masculine shit like climbing rugged peaks so people put up with you and don't push you off a cliff.
There are many unspoken rules of good Expedition Behavior such as:
Don't fart in the tent.
Try to retain some hygiene- other people have to look at and smell you.
Don't be a lazy ass- carry your own weight.
Don't be cocky.
Joe was not on his best Expedition Behavior. He chewed his ramen with his fucking mouth open, smelled like a rotten llama, and bitched about his hangnail while we were summiting the north face of K2. Therefore Joe is no longer with us- he never made it down the mountain and there were no witnesses.
by fuzzywuzzy242 November 12, 2010
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"Hey john what's wrong?" "Can't talk now i'm on a browning expedition!'
by senor blanis November 18, 2009
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A person whom controls a spongy like absorbent material that holds in a fart after another rips ass within it and then squeezes the nasty raunchy fart filled scent into somebody’s face and or mouth.
I almost puked whenever my girlfriends ‘fart expediter’ caught me off guard with her skanky smellin ass right in my mouth!!
by WeDaFucknBomb March 13, 2021
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