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The child of an expatriate. Expatriates are professionals transferred/posted to another country for work purposes. They may spend anywhere from ten months to ten years overseas, and their salaries are often as big as their egos. With nearly all expenses paid for, expat kids are enrolled in the most expensive international schools available in their host country. As a result of being surrounded by their own elite kind all the time, most expat kids are spoilt, smart, arrogant and very fashionably-dressed.

If they move around the globe at least twice, expat kids evolve into Third Culture Kids (TCK)s.
Girl 1: I can't wait to watch Gossip Girl tonight!
Girl 2: Ha, why bother? It's practically based off our lives! Only Blaire and Serena are actually native New Yorkers and not foreigners.

Guy 1: So, which high school do you go to?
Guy 2: I go to Singapore American School, bitch.
Guy 1: Shit, you must be loaded! You an expat kid or something?
Guy 2: Damn right I am!
by A pauper among princes March 01, 2010
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