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the phrase is commonly used as a code word meaning either "Get me out of here!" or "I can't tell you what I'm really trying to say because someone is with me that can't hear it."
Ex 1:
Friend 1: Everybody loves kettlecorn
Friend 2: Haha random but true, well we better be going, it's getting late.
Friend 3: Ok well I'll see you guys later.
Friend 1 to friend 2: Thanks so much for getting me out of there, I really hate that place.

Ex 2: **phone conversation**

Friend 1: So what is this huge secret you're keeping from your parents?
Friend 2: Everybody loves kettlecorn.
Friend 1: You're parents are near by?
Friend 2: Yes
Friend 1: You can tell me later.
by bones543210 July 21, 2010
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