one fucked up anime. cool, but fucked up
The End of Evangelion is one of the most craziest/fucked up things that i have ever seen
by im crazy August 23, 2003
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Best anime show ever, consists of drama and robot battles. Evangelion is the best drawn anime ever and has a story far superior to most American movies.
Shin Seiki Evangelion is the best friggin' anime I've ver seen!
by Wolvie May 31, 2003
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An anime that is said to be the archetype for all other anime, but it is extremely fucked up. All the characters are in desperate need of a psychiatrist, and the writers were smoking some very potent weed while creating this anime.

Some real-life guns appear in this series:

G11 carried by troops that were invading NERV
USP used by Misato
Glock 17/19 used by some NERV personell
Uzi used by NERV guards
Giant ACR used by EVA's
Giant Desert Eagle used by EVA's
The word "Evangelion" should be synonomous with "WTF".
by sekiryu July 05, 2006
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A classic bit of Anime. So confusing!

Shinji has the most annoying scream in the entire history of the world!!
Fans: Evangelion, So fucked up but so worth it!
by Lizzie Moogle July 06, 2006
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Neon Genesis Evangelion is the most controversial anime series ever, in that one either loves it or hates it.
Those who hate it cite the horrible, shallow, shrill-voiced and inexplicably-motivated characters, the endless banter of sci-fi "who cares, it's made up" technojargon, and the slow-and-go trafficjam pacing.
A typical episode has this ratio: 60 seconds of MECHA BATTLE THRILLING EXPLOSIONS MISSLE LAUNCH HUGE DETAILED SMOKE CLOUDS IN DEVASTAING DETAIL!... encased by 21 minutes of camera panning over stillframe or two-cel animation that makes Speed Racer look sophisticated.
Fans often cite the show's "religious" references as evidence of the depth of the story, because nothing's more relevent and just-plain-cool than gnostic and Jewish mysticism. Why, just last Sunday, Reverend Hushpuppy used the parable of the prodigal Shinji and his father in the sermon.
Of course, I'm kidding - Shinji is a whiny little bitch, and any boy/man who empathizes with his character doesn't deserve the endowments of the gender.
It's said over and over that Neon Genesis Evangelion is the highest rated anime series ever. Maybe they watch the subbed and not the dubbed version - which features the most hamfisted acting voice talent imaginable - so that the subtitles are where the REAL story is. Maybe when they gush about the animation quality, they were just confused and actually thinking about another show playing somewhere very far away.
So, forget the depth and relevence of "Paranoia Agent," or the animation quality of the "Ghost in the Shell" spinoffs, or the humor of "Azumanga Daiyoh," or the driving storyline of "Cowboy Bebop" - apparently Eva has it all, plus lots of Rule 34 hentai to support it. So if you watch Eva, and you're thinking the emperor just isn't wearing any clothes here, YOU'RE the idiot and there's something wrong with YOU.
Despite everything wrong with Neon Genesis Evangelion and everyone who enjoys it, Rei is hot.
by boo maga November 18, 2006
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Controlled angels sent from a man-created god to deliver a message to humans. Original purpose: protect humans from other angels. Ultimate purpose: to destroy the human race.
The Evangelion destroyed our city while protecting it's people.
by Jerry Mad Man June 15, 2003
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