A term for whites that is what "African-American" is to blacks. The term "European-American" will never be applied to whites due to double standards in racial equality in the United States.
A Guy: Hey! look at that black guy over there!
Another Guy: Hey! you said black guy! That's racist. They're called African Americans. Racist!
A Guy: But he mostly likely isn't from Africa! I bet he hasn't even been there, or at least met a family member who was born there! If he's called an African-American, I should be called a European-American!
Another Guy: Racist! You racist! You...! I hope you die!
Smart Guy: You're right, you should be called that. But that'd make sense, so you will never be called a European-American. You see, there are double standards when it comes to racial equality, despite a general want to attain equality. So, 'white guy,' what you see over there is an African-American. Got it?
by Arnold March 27, 2005
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Black people will some times claim to not be black, but to be African American. Annoyed white people will than say, "well, I'm not albino, so I guess I'm European American."
Black guy: Did you hear about the white guy?
Black guy2: No, what?
Black guy: We were telling him how hard it is to be black and he claimed to be a European American, so we torched his car and family.
by the wiggety wiener October 18, 2004
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The REAL name for a Caucasian (white) American.
1: Hey look it's an American.
2: Actually he's a European American because we all know that Native Americans are the true Americans.
by weirdlooes January 10, 2014
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The counterpart to the term African-Americans. Members of the Anglo-Saxon race who were either born in or live in the United States of America.
Do any Black Americans realize that referring to them as "African-Americans" insinuates that even if they were born in the United States of America they continue to be foreigners? What would happen if mainstream media started referring to White Americans as "European-Americans," as in, "Though in the United States of America the quantity of Latinos (16.3%) now surpasses the number of African-Americans (12.6%), European-Americans comprise 72.4% and Asians comprise 4.8% of the population (2010 Census). Notice that Latinos and Asians have not been inflicted with or infected by a hyphen.
by but for October 21, 2017
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The proper term for a white person who comes from multiple European countries and is not from one predominant nation. If you are full blooded Italian, German, French, or any other European country, this is not you.
That guy over there isn't white, he's european-american.
by fslegion March 17, 2006
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To be a white American/ Caucasian in the United States of American.
I am Hispanic American, and John Smith is European American.

Every white Person living in America is a European American.

Only Native Americans are Americans.
by Beltrán July 24, 2021
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the very opposite of African-American black people are black white people are white not Europian-American
man you white as fuck you pasty cracker

the correct term is European-American
by ItsOnlyRacistIfYouAre April 10, 2009
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