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Plays 7. Instruments thinks he is good at all of them
Jenison jr high
He is Mexican and hates Donald trump
Bad grades

Has a curse to always get crappy phones

Instagram: esteban_trevino 1
No Snapchat

Going to hell fore sure
Esteban Trevino: hey Charlie want to go outside

Charlie: sure but we have to avoid Elijah

Esteban: want to prank call Burger King

Charlie: sure

Charlie: if only I can have you're cookie

Esteban: no I gave mine to Noah

Noah: ohhhh yeah can I prank call Burger King with you

Charlie: no I am still not talking to you

Noah: why

Charlie: because you dated my cousin

Noah: I told you to delete the photo

Noah: delete it now

Esteban: fine I deleted it

Charlie: go to recently deleted

Noah: πŸ–•πŸ»
by EstebanT123 April 10, 2019
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