(1)The step between epic fail and meta fail.
(2)A fail that will almoste certenly reduce you to the mocking and ritacule of your pears.
when a waiter drops his whole serving try on a mentally handicapped person, fruit cake, meth addicts, and all things telly tubby related.

person 1: shoots himself in the foot while reloading his gun

person 2: " Epic legendary fail "
by St.jimmy1693 February 05, 2009
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Similar to chainfail / chain-fail / chain fail, "Epic Chain-Fail", is a series of fails, usually (in strictest sense of epic chain fail, not mere hyperbole) deal-breaking fails, not just minor fails, not only in a experiential or temporal successsion, but also in another dimension, or exponentiating too.

fail < chain fail < epic chain fail
fail < epic fail < epic chain fail

either chain fail, or epic fail could be worse, depending on the specifics. there is no worse than epic chain fail known. there is no "chain epic fail", as the "epic" in "epic chain fail" already implies fail os of epic proportion, either (strictly) in each fail's own right, or as the cumulative result.
"I tried google+. fails with privacy/security/bigbrother concerns, getting so far into my social life to know more about me than just searches, they admit they report it to govs. fails in having to use 1 of the 4 big name browsers. fails with useragent change. even with right browwser, fails with another dozen annoyances in it's interface, each a deal-breaker, i decided i'd made too many allowances, time to declaire googleplus epic chain-fail, being so widespread, likely to spread further as users get locked in (to it AND browsers), wanting to talk to their friends on it."

"the reaction in a nuclear explosion, is like an epic chain-fail on the atomic/subatomic level"

social relations:
"he had been t-total for 38 years, drank too much cough syrup, which lead to drinking a bottle of tequilla, and some meths. he trashed his house, killed his baby, raped and severely beat his wife, set the neighbour's house on fire, called up everyone on his phone ruining all his relationships, tried having sex with a child's ride out-side a charity shop, swam next to a sewage pipe, had unprotected sex with several prostitutes, to wake up several days later in prison, with a guard explaining he burned down half the town, contracted and spread several diseases, alienated himself to the nation, and was facing charges of manslaughter, assault, rape, vandalism and much more. ...all because he didn't read the label on the cough syrup. epic chain fail."
by digitteknohippie March 20, 2012
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To fail at a project so bad that you need to change your major.
You don't want to epic fail this drafting packet.
by Prof.cjohnson September 22, 2011
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The term used to describe when someone makes a supreme ass of themselves as a result of failing at a reasonably simple task. Because an 'epic fail' is such an immense fail, these people are often labled "Fail Whales."
trying to impress his baby son, a dad blew bubbles in his Pepsi through a straw then without warning it erupted into a fizzy lava shooting out of his snout at 1000 miles an hour. Everyone in the restaraunt laughed including a teen who point at him and said "Epic Fail Dude"! laughing he then added "What a total Fail Whale"
by vid007 February 25, 2011
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Not being able to achieve the easiest task imaginable.
Its like someone asking you to do three push ups and you can't do one. -Epic Fail

"David come on man how do you manage to not do one push up, epic fail bro."
by Abdellah February 04, 2012
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