When a user post's a gif but it just so happens they dont have embed perms (The ability to post an embedded link)
"Yo ima post a gif in general its gonna be really funny"
"Crap wait it didn't work"
Somebody in chat: "HAHA Epic Embed Fail!"
by SpiderSamYT March 25, 2021
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When you post a gif, mainly on discord, and it fails to embed, therefore showing up only as a link.
person 1: "look at this funny gif"
*posts gif and it only shows up as a link*
person 2: Epic embed fail lmao
by ValorX April 05, 2021
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A particularly disgusting phrase implying any of the following:

1. 'Epic banter' has just failed.
2. 'Banter' has just failed in an 'epic' way
3. A fresher tried to use every word they just learned at university in one go and ironically suffered an 'epic banter fail' themselves.

NB: NEVER say this.
John: "Last night was epic!"
Sophie: "Yeah, so much banter!"
Alison: "No, last night was a fail!"
Fresher: (panics) EPIC BANTER FAIL! *cough*
by pianofortepianoforte January 02, 2011
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A gay slang for saying "I want to choke on your 12 inch cock so badly"
Hey, so why can't I send attachments to this discord?
epic embed fail
by ayxdo September 29, 2021
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When you try to save a gif, but it saves as a video. This mainly happens on Discord. This can also happen is something is sent as a file, even when it isn't a file.
Person 1: *posts a video with no audio, meant to be a gif*
Person 2: Epic Embed Fail
by LongDong69420 February 11, 2021
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Similar to Oregon Fail, an Epic Oregon Fail is any event that kills your entire party. These include a particularly nasty wagon wreck while trying to cross a river, or everyone dying before you reach the second outpost.
My entire party drowned in the first river? EPIC Oregon Fail!
by sp33do January 13, 2009
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When one person crashes oor runs into another person or thing, it is referred to as an Epic Tron Fail. If you have seen Tron: Legacy you will understand the term much better.
Definitley man, that was like, a epic tron fail right there!
by KawaiiElectricKadian January 20, 2011
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