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Several women in this group have blocked me on discord for contacting them privately. You know…heh….the irony is that whenever I contact my fellow men from this group I am generally met with an enthusiastic response. I wonder why that is….
I could use my status within this group to humiliate all of you. But I'm a gentleman and the torment it would put you through does not comply with my ethics. You skanks know who you are, and if you're even capable of reading this, here were my true intentions. Hopefully you'll come around to changing your mind about me (if you're not a complete idiot that is).
First off, yes I'll admit I find some of you pretty attractive. I am a normal, healthy, biological male. Of course I'm attracted to women, and that should be seen as a compliment. That does not automatically mean my intentions were to sleep with you. I don't understand how the words 'Hi, how are you?' gets translated into 'Hi, do you have a boyfriend?'But women these days seem to think that hetero men are incapable of having a platonic relationship with the other sex.
To all the other E-girls who haven't responded or have been a bit timid in their replies, please don't take this post the wrong way. As you can see I didn't tag any of the women who wronged me on this post, and I will always respect your decision. As you can tell, my interests are mainly in the high arts, and I can guarantee you that at the very least you will end up having a very compatible and knowledgable friend.
by Johney the Great March 2, 2022
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When a person tries and fails, or just fails, repeatedly in a series of events.
Bro: "Dylan failed his driving test 7 times."
Mandy: "Whoa.. Epic fail times."
Bro: "So true."


Joe: "Did you hear about Brad and what happened when was canoeing?"
Rebecca: "Nope. What happened?"
Joe: "He got the canoe stuck on a rock, and when he was trying to unstick the canoe, he tipped it and failed at getting back in it."
Rebecca: "Talk about epic fail times!"
Joe: "Ikr!"
by Dodomypurplebunny July 30, 2011
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Epic Fail:(n)Not your average fail-not just a oops- but a full blown, game over fail.

Epic Phail:(n)The failingest fail that anyone could ever fail. Its worse than Epic fail, so much worse that it can only be spelled Phail.
Epic Fail (phail)

1.That skate boarder just crashed into a pole trying too do a 180. (prime example of Epic Fail)

2.The skate boarder also fell with the pole attached to his helmet into a 1200 ft.deep lake.(prime example of Epic Phail)
by Meek Meek September 6, 2008
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A person who has gained celebrity status from an example, usually in the form of a youtube video, of them epically failing to do something. They have epically failed with such finesse that they have earned respect from everyone and will continue to remain viral on the interwebs for a long time.
"Yo dude, have you seen that Epic Fail Wizard Mark Gormley on youtube yet?"

"I literally wept the first time I heard his music, dude- it was like hearing an angel that just ate another angel- so it had the power of two angels"
by Mottsap April 22, 2010
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male of andrea & barbie's daughter
An attempt at success gone horribly wrong
Nobody even wants to know an epic failure
Dumb, useless annoying etc.
Reasonably stupid and ironical
Easy to make fun of
Way to weird
Kills all jokes that could be funny
Everyone finds them weird
Long lost-cause
Yeah thats right, an epic fail is something that is very ironic and stupid, sometimes funny. it can also be a person
The way he banged into that pole while trying to impress that girl, what an EPIC FAIL!

He's trying to pick up girls at that bar..with knock knock jokes..what an epic failure.
by Jiewo April 12, 2009
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when your life just sucks massive cock, and you suck at everything.
G1:Suck my dick!
G2: Sorry I choke on small items!
G1: ahawwaaahah..?!??!

you have epic fail syndrome, if your guy 1.
by arian_O March 20, 2010
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A fail of such incredible magnitude that epic fail alone cannot describe it. Only a small percentage of failure is great enough to be dubbed supreme, but that which is should not be forgotten and deserves the Supreme Epic Fail Award.
From YouTube:
Sconz32 (2 days ago)

A public declaration of Supreme Epic Fail at its finest.
by Whom it doesn't concern July 22, 2009
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