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A term that appeared for a short while in a 1994 Senate oversight committee review on the effects of a collapsed dollar. It was a term that was used to define a certain demographic population within the US economy that were the most likely to cause problems if a hyper-inflationary depression occurred in the United States or globally.

Such a demographic includes the following; Lowest working class, urban poor, rural poor, person or persons who derive the majority of their fiscal support from governmental agencies such as social health and human services in various states, those who are 50% or more dependent on food aid of some type from governmental sources, those persons that are reliant on other tax-payers supporting them and or their families with fiscal, housing and material relief in order to survive.

The situation in this case was if there was an economic hyper-devaluation of the US currency, said people as aforementioned would not be able to cope with this catastrophe. This is due not because they would not receive any less money, but the monies they would receive would be reduced in value/actual purchasing power by 50 or even more percent. This would also be applicable to any material support such as food or electrical power supplementation as such things would no longer be fully covered enough by government stipends as the government would be executing catastrophic debt management techniques and the first on the chopping block would be the entitlement "zombies".
Damn, looks like everyone in the projects is up in arms and rioting in the streets. This is what happens when you live life as an entitlement zombie I guess.

The entitlement zombies made a major mistake in thinking that they could steal and pillage in Texas, where they were shot dead in the streets by citizens defending their homes and property.
by DEMHATER March 05, 2016
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