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when english people talk using mostly english slang.
near to imposible for people from other counties to understand.
sometimes it can be misunderstood by english people.
his faja:i coulda had it away with this fucking julie my old china.
austin:are you telling pork pies in a bag of tripe? if u were feeling horney why couldn't you just have a jay Arthur.
his faja: what? Billy no mates?
austin:too right you.

roughly translated...
his faja:i could have been fucking this sexy lady my friend.
austin:are you telling lies?,if u were horney why could you pleasure yourself?
his faja: what alone?
by Stevie C June 07, 2005
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The original language, that is to say the language spoken by the people of its country of origin. As opposed to American English (aka 'Anglo-American') and worst of all Microsoft English (though there are a few others which vary from the original to a lesser extent).
The most notable change in the American variant of English is that it has hundreds of changes to spelling, mostly to make it more phonetic, though there are a few words which have been added or their definition changed.
Microsoft English is the language that Microsoft Word describes as 'English (UK)', and remains a mystery to us mortals. No-one knows what the f*ck it is, but it's certainly not quite the same as anything else. I really want some of whatever the programmers were smoking when they made Microsoft Word's spelling/grammar checker (emphasis on the grammar check).
Person A - "WTF?! Look at this grammar 'correction'!"
Person B - "Whoa! What's that all about? I wish MS would just use English English!"
by Zadok13 May 26, 2007
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