England, even though you make fun of us Americans by calling us fat lazy slobs, and using an uncreative nickname that we gave ourselves; it's okay. We do our best to try and understand. It must be hard watching your once great empire fall over the few past hundred years, and then having to be rescued in the midst of war by the rebel yanks who kicked your asses back across the Atlantic ocean and then went on to become the worlds number 1 super power. So just.. Just feel free to let it all out. We won't stop you... It---it just seems greedy. It just seems greedy. :)
by ryehieheo October 15, 2009
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Hey, you guys were the one who came along and fucked up our language, get ur own. Its football not soccer coz in case u havent already realised, you use your feet, i dont want to start on the whole crips, chips, french fries thing but get this into ur heads, WE ARE RIGHT. Hollywood has totally messsed u up with endless reality shows and movies about troubled teens or a group of kids who work together to save the world. Ive seen 70 versions of those films, try something new. Dont even get me started on weight coz half of you are ompalompas and half of you are anorexic twigs. Shakespeare and charles dickens were english and some of the best writters of all time. But ill give u some credit for james patterson
England vs America =england
by London Baby December 23, 2011
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