The closest you can come to real drugs... Makes you hella hyper and most taste great. The best ones are Monster and BooKoo.
Damn, i'm tired. Let's go get a Monster XXL energy drink!
by caffeineboy January 14, 2007
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a slang term used as an inside joke around parents and our peers to explain what is REALLY contained in the old nuspeed bottle as we chug away...
Nicky: DUDE wanna get messed up off the energy drink tonight???
Mokky: yeah dude lets do it!!!!!!! i love the feeling those energy drinks give me
Mickey:wut are you guys talking about?!?!?!?
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are an excellent source to keep you active, hydrated, balanced and centered. They also supply you with an endless amount of energy to keep you re-energized throughout the day. Some popular brands include powerade, mother, red bull and bookoo to name a few. Theses have shown to be popular in mainstream consumerism and with due credit to. They assist individuals during times of need, especially during exam period or high stress periods.
guy 1: man this powerade is the bomb...
guy 2: i totally reckon... do you think we should start selling these?
guy 1: you mean like sell sell em energy drinks... ?
guy 2: yah... maybe even concoct our own drink yeah?
guy 1: Sweet brotown... sweet
by 2mku:) July 06, 2010
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A foul-tasting concoction of questionable contents advertised to increase your "energy". While it is sold in health food stores and gyms sometimes, the real target demographic are obese gamers, who drink energy drinks to become even louder and more annoying.
Without energy drinks: At, 15% he goes into phase three, lust then.

With energy drinks: DUH! LUST AT PHASE 3 NOOBS! UHH! BILLY MAYS!!!!!

by JESSE RADIN January 06, 2014
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A drink meant for adults that is typically consumed by people under 14 cuz they think it maked them loom cool or think they will go hyper but they're still mommy's boys'
Ben: omg dude we look so cool holding this energy drink can

John: i know man im gonna go hyper

30 yr old man: fucking retarded kids drinking energy drink
by Energy drink addict February 03, 2017
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