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Usually someone who has proven himself above all over candidates (meme obsessed people

Who claim to be meme lord)

The opposite would be someone who needs context from behind the meme or is extremely cringy as there is a line and if to satirical the subject can seem like a roblixian if the mixture of satire and humour is mixed it can only equal the true one, the meme born, who if is true dedicates himself to memes and does the sort of stuff I’m doing now to promote himself to as redbone would put it “show you what I got.” also the emperor of memes has to live a solitary life as most popular chicks consider him below them and call him weird when he is actually above them, because of this he watches porn 2 times a day and is usually in his teens ( a 30 yr old man would be sad ) to prove himself he must be able to cite memes and sing only the dankest tunes. Also he’s normally got a high intellect and doesn’t surf on reddit as reddit is dead.
“You are jovahaskar the emperor of memes , the meme born destined to reunite the meme tribes”

“Wow that meme was dank Mabye you are the emperor of memes”

“Seriously stop trying to be the emperor of memes your just coming off as cringy”

“I’m as horny as the emperor of memes”

“Oh my god you’re so weird wtf do you call yourself the emperor of mee mees
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by The meme born February 26, 2018
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