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When you are sad and hold back tears and give yourself a headache...
Person 1: I have stopped myself from crying so much today I have a headache.
Person 2: Doing that is like when a guy is ready to orgasm but doesn't. You are having emotional blueballs.
by @KO June 25, 2016
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When your crush seems interested but shoots you down when you finally profess your love.
man 1: I thought she liked me but turns out I'm just a "friend".
man 2: Ouch.. You okay bro?
man 1: I'm alright, but I have a serious case of emotional blueballs.
by acatlin December 17, 2009
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When you and your new potential mate are perfectly aligned but then their ex steps back in the picture and you are put on hold.
It was so good between us. It kept getting better then one day, I was told that he needed time to sort out some things. I had to put my emotions on ice, now I have emotional blueballs.
by tyrannicalpie August 23, 2017
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