emo hair is usually black, dyed or natural. on boys it is most common to have it long at the front, and short and spikey at the back. on girls, it is usually longish, very layered, with again bangs at the front, note that the bangs can be substituted for a fringe. the bangs usually go across one eye, and cover a lot of ones face.

dude, get that kids emo hair, his bangs are well cool
by emodudette March 11, 2005
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step 1: don't wash your hair for several days/weeks/years

step 2: dye you hair black and/or red (if your truly emo you could use your own blood)

step 3: get way too much gel and and completely fuck up the back of your head

step 4: arange your fringe so that you can only see out of your left eye (thus halving the ammount of misery you have to see in your stupid emo life)
voilla! you now have emo hair

emo 1: how deep is this cut?
emo 2: don't know, ive got no depth perception
by fred bamburger October 09, 2006
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The Signature look of a person with no mind of his/her own and only the mind of a clueless-hopeless trend-follower
"HO shit, that guy has Emo hair! Isn't he cute"
"You think that kind of shit is cute? Come on you just saw the same thing on a GIRL. I can't tell the difference, so it must be the same Chick we just saw"
"But how can he be a chick if he has no boobs"
"Why do you think that chick is emo in the first place?"

inb4 Boobs don't make women.
by Not Good August 28, 2008
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emo hair:
can be any color pererable more then one
layers usually
covering an eye mabey half your eye (not always needed)

eye style:
skulls help ALOT trust me
if ur going for easy easy style get a good haircut, lots of skinis, good makup and hoodies or good emo shirts (stripes, black , band t's not to big)
it u want it a lil hard get plugs and or lip rings
if u want more stlyeish side leggins with skirts or the special long shirts but only certain ones alot are preppy *gag* you dont have to wear only black theres also certain pastels u can wear.

emos dont cut themselves that called being depresed emos a stlye, another name for screamo music and a way of life but by that i dont mean cut yourself or be depressed i mean u have to dress emo all the time and u cant be too hyper theres a limit EMO IS NOT CUTTING URSELF THATS depression UR THINGING OF... GOD!

and emo guys r the hottest thing alive <3<3
a: cam: did u see greg he had cuts on his arm he must be emo
brandon: no you freak thats not emo emos a style and a music
cam: oh
b: emo hair
by janette <3 May 13, 2007
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Otherwise known as a scene haircut...you can usually find people with this cut lurking on Myspace. They typically style their hair with the bangs to the side and covering one eye...often the bangs are dyed abnormal colors as well. They are the same people who take pictures of themselves from the top, or just looking over the shoulder in an attempt at looking dramatic/contemplative/sad/emo. Usually the people who have "emo hair" are scene kids. Kind of like emo wannabees, except they get mad if you say that.
Did you see the picture of that guy on Myspace? He definately has emo hair - it's shaggy and you can't even see his eyes because his bangs are so long.
by Lady Leet April 04, 2006
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Emo hair is hair that many 14-16 year old boys get to get girls. It is usually black and greasy,short at the back and it partially covers one or both eyes. Usually people get an emo haircut to look attractive, because there ugly as hell. I know many people who have an emo haircut and girls always flirt with him. But the truth is without their "emo haircut" their not that attractive.
Classmate: Are you emo?

Emo hair kid: Nah i just have this hair style so all the girls will dig me, im really ugly without it.
by EmoHairSucks May 20, 2008
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