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You're all wrong. The TRUE emo kids' anthem is Untitled by Simple Plan.
Simple Plan: *cries* HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME??? *sob* I'ev made my mistakes!1! *whine whine* Got nowhere to *sniff* RUN!! The night goes on as I'm *sob* fading awayyy!! I'm SICK OF THIS LIFE!! *whine* I just wanna SCREEEAMMMM!!! How could this.. happen to me??? *cry again*

Normal person: Ugh!!! Turn that emo kids' anthem off!! *throws rock at the radio*
by SomeBadJOKE May 11, 2007
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There really is no specific anthem for emo kids because they all have slightly different choices in their x.core music. However, most emo anthems would usually have lyrics about suicide, how their life sucks, how the world sucks, how their girlfriend/boyfriend dumped really depends on the occasion of the listener.
Some emo kids' anthems could be the following:
1. I'm not okay (I promise) --> MCR
2. Note to self --> From First To Last
3. Dead and Gone --> I Am The Avalanche
4. The truth about heaven --> Armor For Sleep
5. I don't feel very receptive today --> Underoath

Emo-kid: "I am so not conformist and my emo anthem is not on the SO THERE" *sniffle*
by Explosives June 27, 2006
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"I'm NOT Okay(I Promise)" by My Chemical Romance is the emo kids' anthem.
*"I'm NOT Okay(I promise)" comes on the radio*

normal person:"Oh great. Its that damn emo kids' anthem on again..."
emo kid:*Crys while screaming "I'M NOT OKAAAAAAAAAY"*
normal person:*Puts hands over ears*
by death to all emos November 16, 2005
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Emo Kids' anthem...
Hawthorne Heights- Ohio is for Lovers
MCR's I'm Not Okay (I promise)

From the Emo Kid Song (which wouldn't be their anthem...)
...sulking and writing poetry are my favorite hobbies
i can't get through a hawthorne heights album w/o sobbing...
These are parts of the two songs that could be the emo kids' anthem.
Ohio is for Lovers-....Hey there,
I know it's hard to feel like I don't care at all. Where you are and how you feel.... How are you when I'm gone? And I can't make it on my own.Because my heart is in Ohio. So cut my wrists and black my eyes. (Cut my wrists and black my eyes) So I can fall asleep tonight, or die. Because you kill me. You know you do, you kill me well.You like it too, and I can tell.You never stop until my final breath is gone.

I'm Not Okay (I promise)-...What will it take to show you that it's not the life it seems?(I'm not okay) I told you time and time again you sing the words but don't know what it means(I'm not okay)
by ~tiff~ May 20, 2006
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The emo kid anthem can be anything that fits that particular person. It doesn't have to be "emo" like Brighteyes, but it can be screamo as well. After all, screamo is emo with a killing twist.

MCR is big with the so called "emo" kids
As well as Hawthorne Heights, as mentioned above.
Brighteyes seems to be popular for their soft melodic flowing music.
A more little known "emo" band would probably be called The Honorary Title. There's a song called "Everything I Once Had."
"February, Valentine's Day. Did my best to avoid the red cliches, so you dumped me on the subway on my way to work at nine in the morning."

Guy: Do you see the girl over there with the red streak in her hair, bangs in her eyes,and hear the soft accoustic music?
Girl: Yeah, what about her.
Guy (while whispering): She's emo. She's probably listening to the emo kids' anthem
by disco_bloodbath October 04, 2006
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