the reverse mullet. long bangs in the front, short in the back
There goes another emo clone with a reverse mullet...

emo hair
by TheRealTrent October 16, 2008
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A hair style mainly chosen by both males and females of mediocre looks. This hairstyle is mainly chosen to leave more to the imagination in an attempt to appear more attractive than they actually are.
Morons with emo hair are in deep denial.
by Dylan Cider May 08, 2006
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Nasty Hair that looks weird on people. Combed down in front, with a possible spiking in the back. Perhaps colored as well. Please see examples at livingwithstyle's famous "Emo Hair" thread: forums.livingwithstyle.com/168234.html
Emo hair sucks. See forums.livingwithstyle.com/168234.html
by RRRRRRRR October 18, 2006
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One ugly haircut.
So ugly and sad, it´s a wonder that it dont cut itself...
A: Why is that kid crying?
B: Must be because of that ugly emo hair.
A: Look, he´s wrist are bleeding.
B: LOL! He should´ve cut his hair instead.
A: "Lolololol!"
by Smaxxored May 11, 2006
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Emo Hair is a general indicator of defining one's below average intelligence.

When showing infatuation for this particular type of hair cut, it is possible to give a rough estimate of their below average intelligence, which also attributes to their usage of using short form words such as "ur" and the overuse of the acronym "lol".

Emo Hair is a trend, highly similar to the "big hair" trend of the 1980's, and is only worn by those who are unable to define their own personality and find it necessary to follow others to gain acceptance as their low self confidence forces them into trying to be like who they think that everyone else wants them to look, no matter how ridiculous that it may make them appear.

Often it is copied from and used by "emo" bands who use this hair cut to make themselves seem "trendy" and thus gain mainstream appeal among pre-teens who have fallen victim to the current trend of this hair cut as a means of social acceptance.
"That chicks kind of cute"
"Dude, that's a guy with emo hair"

"lol ur a qt i luv ur hair lol"
*listens to dashboard confessional"
by superflydopeyo November 21, 2008
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