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emo boys clothes are very beautifoul . and i just have to say that . i am a emogirl . and i dont think you are talking so good about us emos . i am not as you say ! :@ not to be too angry i would whrite how a typical emoboy would look like .

emo boys clothes would look like this :
>black hair , with an side bang . ( hot XD )
>Black , plastick glasses .
>small fleshyunnels or piercings .
>tight t-skirt often with ironikal stamples on .
>tight drainpipe-jeans often black . and if you can get it hangy(?) it is very good !
>and as shoes you would have converse All stars or vans
> and at least he would have a shoulder bag with pins .

Thanks from a girl in Sweden .
by emiliawaller May 17, 2006
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emo boys clothes are extreeeeeeeemly tight, most often skin-tight jeans with some kind of hooded jacket and a scruffy bag with pins/lame badges on it. they wear this every season, in all weather. no wonder they have no ass, they sweated them off inside those jeans they wear in summer, combined wit the anorexia of course. i suspect most emo boys wear girls jeans, not leaving much to the imagination.
"god look at that emo boys clothes, where does he put his cock and balls in jeans like that? in his butt crack?"
by Emily York September 03, 2006
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