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Well, if your name is Emma Ross you may be a jerk. Now I'm not saying all Emma ross's are jerks but there's one that is. So you may be wondering "how am I a jerk?" Well it's not exactly like that I just don't like your personality. When you came to my house you begged for everything and left with 4 stuff animals.

And when I told you no you begged more and more and more. So this is a subscription about you so, your annoying, clingy, and I just don't like you or your personality in general. So I'm sorry it came to this, and I know this is taking it to far but still. You need to stop.
"Hey do you know that Emma girl, Emma Ross? Yeah she needs to stop following you around."

"Hey! I'm right here guys!"
by A ugly rude kid June 28, 2018
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