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Young. Beautiful girls name in the us mostly. People name there child this because they BELIVE there child will be beautiful and amazing, talented and free minded. That is what Emma Grace is.
by Kaylee Moody January 01, 2014
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The sweetest little chupper you will meet, but she will BEAT YOUR ASS dont mess with her. Shes small wirh big claws!! The most trustworthy person you will meet, just please be careful
Alejandra:Omg emmagrace is so nice!!!
Naly:She murded someone yesterday because they dropped her sushi ;)
by Chupper0105 May 16, 2018
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Emma Graces Can be nice but are usually very jealous of some girls which leads to being mean. Emma Graces are very pretty with blue eyes. Normally Emma Graces are jealous of people who think they are ugly but definitely not. The person they are usually jealous of are the people who want to be friends with her.
I want Emma Grace to like me so bad but I feel as if she is very mad at me.

Emma Grace is nice but she told me she thinks you are rude have you guys ever talked

No maybe once


I’m done trying to be her friend if she doesn’t like me oh well 😔

I don’t understand why she wouldn’t like you you are the nicest person I know and your so pretty

What does that have to do with anything

I don’t know I’m just saying... what if she is jealous

Why would she be she has a boyfriend and all that

I don’t know. You don’t need her anyways you’re too nice

Yeah I guess,hey I got you and Caleb anyways I love you guys so much

Yeah he and I love you too ☺️
by Behold_love_L November 11, 2018
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She’s very beautiful and very selfless. She will always be there for her friends no matter what. She is very caring, sweet, and just an amazing person.
Emma Grace is so beautiful.”

I wanna be Emma.”
by odd.ball September 15, 2018
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a dumb fat ass bitch who you should never trust your damn life with. she is a fugly slut dont trust her niggardly actions to lani sharks.
i was nervous when i saw an Emma Grace walking down the street into a strip club.
by leedlebradley May 14, 2019
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