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Used by mostly teenagers that are growing up with the garbage music they play today. most of them know who eminem is but they actually dont or never listened to his freestyles or hit albums.

"Yo eminem sucks ass, lil wayne is the best rapper alive"

"dude eminem will murder lil wayne in a freestyle any time any where"

"what ever, am gona sing the lollipop"
by shawkat December 17, 2008
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Marshall Mathers, aka. Eminem, is a terrible rapper and a high school drop out. He, and his music, suck. 'Nuff said...
"Wimbley, I was at the chateau last night with Margaret and heard the most ghastly song. The fellow's name was 'Eminem'".

"Yes Chestington. I too have heard that obnoxious song. I almost shit in my loafers. Eminem sucks".


by Rock Sexstrong June 22, 2010
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