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A guy who thinks his so smart, addicted to fortnite and talk to a lot of girls.

Emiljan: playing fortnite and sucking dick
by Mafia1234 May 17, 2018
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The name Emiljan is broken into two counterparts. This being 'Emil' and 'Jan' and to each having their own etymological significance.

In Latin, the meaning of the name Emil is: Excellent. Deriving from the Roman Catholic name Aemilius.

Jan has its roots based both in Israel and Persia. In the former root, it is of catholic-Hebrew origin meaning God is gracious, and a known variant of John.
In Persian tradition, the centre of the name is to mean 'Life', or 'soul'.
Hence the entirety of the name Emiljan forgoes in the definition; Emiljan, a soul that is excellent in the grace of God.
by NameGenerator1324 January 05, 2019
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