The cute Iceland personification from Hetalia. He has white-silver, curly hair and his eyes differ from purple to a blue. Emil wears a dark brown military jacket, a white dress shirt, brown straight-legged pants, and white half-laced boots. He also sports a pair of white gloves. He carries around with him a Puffin, a penguin-like bird, which sometimes wears a pink/red ribbon around his neck. Himaruya has reveled the puffin's name to be Mr. Puffin. Mr. Puffin may look cute, but he speaks and acts like a mafioso. Out of his four other brothers (Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden), he is the youngest. He appears to be calm and composed on the surface, but is warmer and more passionate deep down. Due to financial problems, Russia has been helping him out, although Emil can't help but act a bit suspicious. Iceland seems to be embarrassed and flustered when the other Nordics try to get him to call Norway "Big Brother". Iceland refuses most of the time, and states that he would have rather originated from a tribe of mysterious natives. People in the Hetalia fandom like to 'ship' or pair him most with 1.) Hong Kong 2.) Norway 3.) Turkey and 4.) Denmark.
"Emil Steilsson is my favorite character off of Hetalia!"
by I'M DENMARK SUCK MY DIIIICK January 02, 2014
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