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The beautiful drummer of Palaye Royale, insanely talented artist and Hat enthusiast
Is that an Emerson Barrett piece , Nah that's just inspired by him
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by PayPal Royale July 19, 2018
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An extremely talented drummer and artist. He has a beautiful hat collection. Going along with how talented he is he is also very attractive. He is one of the sweetest humans I’ve ever met he is just perfect
Emerson Barrett is the sweetest human ever!
Friends 2: I know! When I hugged him for a picture afterwards he said “aw that was like a cute little sleepy prom picture!” He is so precious
by soldier of the royal council November 10, 2018
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- drummer of Fashion Art Rock Band Palaye Royale
- incredible artist
- author of the wonderful books Avant Garde Society Vol1&Vol2
-is starting a revolution

-inspiration to a lot of people

-Royal Council favorite pirate
- cudgy
“hi Emerson Barrett i hope you know that you’re so incredibly loved & that you inspire me so much <3 -Emerson @FlGHTFORPEACE”
“ one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met, I love his love for all the soldiers of the royal council, he is constantly supporting us, his love for his brothers, warms my heart, I very much love his art. I love how it acts as a map of his brain, I love how it expresses his consciousness, I love the level of detail he puts into each and every piece, best hugs,the way Emerson listens is amazing. You can tell he’s always interested in everything you have to say, he hangs on to every word and it really makes you feel special , one of my favorite things about Emerson is the way he lights up when he talks about his art - Emily @agsbookclub on things she loves about Emerson and I agree”
“Thank you for being an inspiration to me, Deciding to Read The Avant Garde Society Was one of the best decisions I’ve made . You have such a beautiful mind and kind soul , Love you Emerson 🖤- Beāte Elizabeth @artsy_chaos “
by Artsy_chaos February 07, 2019
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