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Elizabeth is a person that you would wanna run away from. Because she annoys the fuck out of you cause your like half way to class and she drags you all the way back to her locker just cause she doesn't want to walk by herself . All I can say to that is what a fkn pussy. Plus she can't spell for shit. If you ask her to spell "wierd"she wouldn't even know how to spell It's weird.

She would go around being such a slut at times cause she's in her hoe faze what girls like to call it or guys would just say there on their period. Umm what else? Fkn give me food please. Ummmm yea I'm done. 😏😱😂😂😇

Being defined as an Elizabeth pinati

Oh look at the board it says wierd, Elizabeth must have written that
by Sozmate September 14, 2017
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