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A magic room. When you step inside the doors close. Soon you will have a strange feeling on your body as if you are being pushed. the doors then open up and you are in a different place!
I rode the elevator all day trying to figure out its secret.
by mynameisjonas123 December 06, 2009
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Used to describe a mans gentiles when he is having sex with a woman on top of him. Since the women is moving up and down and switching levels constantly, it is said that she is riding an “elevator”.
Timbaland: "Shes stuck on my ela...elevator"


The Dream: " Baby jump on this elevator promise there ain't nothin greater"
by Dimi G March 13, 2008
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the things that go up and down between floors when you are too lazy to take the stairs.

In some schools and buildings, these are only allowed to be used by fat people, the mentally retarded (to give them some sort of power), and the handicapped.

and epic hookup spot, as you can stop the elevator between floors and noone can do anything about it!

not an epic birthing spot, however. ew. babies.

WARNING: (semi-colon included) do not use when there is a fire! You might burn to death.
Aw mannn I have to go all the way up the stair with my groceries.... No wait! I can just take one of the elevators.
by mrs. fontaine June 04, 2009
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when having sexual relations with more than one partner at one time, having the two or more "recievers" laying on top of one another so that you can visit each "floor" as you would if you were riding an elevator.
Are you girls ready for my elevator ride? 2nd floor, Suzie. 1st floor, Karen. I'll spend some time in Karen's Basement, then proceed to Suzie to get a nice view of the scenery.
by Lanky A January 18, 2005
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A term used to describe simultaneous relationships with different women. Each "floor" on the elevator represents a different woman on that man's elevator.
"First floor, stuck on the gold digger
Second floor, stuck on the dime piece
Third floor, stuck on the hood rat
Fourth floor, freak it I don't know, cause...
She's stuck on my ella, e-ella-vator" - Lyrics from the Song "Elevator" by Flo Rida, featuring Timbaland
by Elevator Lyricist March 24, 2008
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A person who flirts with others reguarly
Hey is that Sarah I see elevating over there with Jared?
Oh My God Sarah is such an Elevator
by apacboy February 28, 2012
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When smoking a blunt, you post up against a wall and lean over. Your friend will give you a shotty as you slowly rise up. when you reach your destination, your friend will then pat you on the chest and you will cough. Almost an instant stone.
You- yo i'm in position, i hit the close button *leans over against the wall*
Your friend- please stand idly by as the Elevator prepares for takeoff *prepares for shotty*
You- oh shit its coming!

Your Friend- don't be afraid to kiss me, its brotherly love but here ya go!
You -*takes slow hit while rising up, being wary of touching lips cause your self conscious about your sexuality*
Your friend- *punches your chest*
You- *puke* WTF man!!!! *cough cough cough*
Your friend- not my fault you hit the emergency stop button
by SixthLeaf September 12, 2010
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