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the place the elder male ('grandpapa', "pop-pop", e.t.c.)
dwells, upon observing a much younger female with the 'goods'; and being 'hitched up' (or not!) to an "expired shelf life" female, that no longer has ANY interest in sex!!

being 'penalized' by the inability to 'attract' above described human due to age!, and/or 'chronological erosion'.

-an 'imaginary wall', barrier, or 'cage' (but quite REAL!!) preventing "pop-pop" from touching the 'goods'!!; (oil and water being unable to MIX!!)

-one or more generations of cultural difference, AND age, making communication somewhat 'foreign' or 'alien'. -physical attraction in the 'old', rendered non-existent due to chronological etching away of physical attributes!!
john's grampa was about oozing all over beth!! (reponse:) yeah!!, it must be rough burning in elder jail!!

grandpa joe went home and 'ground the poison' out of himself, char-broiling in elder jail; after his visit to the 'titty bar'.

joe worked out incessantly, becoming quite muscular, but still couldn't stop the clock condemning him to elder jail!!
by michael foolsley July 26, 2012
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