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The Elder Gods are an Ancient Stellar Race of Beings that dwelt in supreme darkness in a time long since forgotten, a time before there was ever Light. The Ancient Ones were the rulers of this darkness. Then came such a time that The Elder Gods stood up against the evil Ancient Ones and thus a Great and Terrific War was fought in the Heavens.

The Great God Marduk, Begotten of Our Master Enki, Ruler of the Seas; Marduk, who is Lord of Lords and Master of Magicians, Fashioner of The Magic Name, The Magic Shape, The Magic Number and The Magic Word, was given Fifty Weapons and Fifty Powers with which to fight The Ancient Ones. These Powers are the remaining, unmentioned Names of The Elder Gods.

During The Great War, the awful God Tiamat, The Writhing Serpent, was slain by Marduk and thrown down into Absu, The Abyss, there to be forever kept, save when a magician of the blackest of arts is skillful enough to rouse The Ancient Ones and The Serpent of the Deep, Cthulhu, and open The Gates to The Outside and allow Them that dwell Therein entry into Our World.

And from the fluids of Tiamat were The Heavens and The Earth created as well as The Stars.

Also slain was Kingu, Ruler of The Ancient Ones, and from His body He did bleed and from His blood did The Elder Gods create the race of Man.
"Stoop not down, therefore,
Unto the Darkly-Splendid World,
Wherein continually lieth a faithless Depth
And Hades wrapped in clouds,
Delighting in unintelligable images,
Precepitous, winding
A black, ever-rolling Abyss
Ever espousing a Body unluminous
and Void"- The Chaldean Oracles of Zoroaster
by E April 7, 2005
they are watching you! Their cults were drowned long before the flood, but they still have powers beyomd your comprehension! Tread lightly in their derelict temples!
by ruperto March 23, 2004
the ancients themselves.. very dangerous. Don't cross the elder gods... their powers are more vast than you can comprehend
the offspring of an elder god is often mistaken for a monkey
by Rupert March 23, 2004
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v. Probably a convenient way to talk your way out of doing something important like oh, I dunno... saving Earthrealm through participation in the Mortal Kombat tournaments?
Raiden: I must speak with the elder gods! (*lightning!*)
by flashn00b September 18, 2020