"elbow sex" is one of the lines audience members shout in a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The line comes twice, both times Riff Raff and his sister Magenta
happen to face each other, lock hands with each other, with their arms above there heads. As they move together and at the moment all their elbows touch Magenta happens to complete a bit of overly dramatic dialogue and shouts in ecstasy. It does not look like the movie intended for the elbow touching to be viewed as sexual. Any use of the word elbow sex is likely a reference to the movie or a recreation of that event.
Two people rub elbows and make a sound of over exaggerated sexual gratification. For best effect moment should have suspense and build up and might include chanting elbow sex like is done at The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
by audovoice February 23, 2009
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when two or more people rub their elbows together on pupose.
Bill and I were walking in the mall when our elboys rubbed together, so we stopped and rubbed them together faster yelling 'elbow sex'.
by EsmeNevae October 23, 2007
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Between one's Weenis and another's Wagina. Not at all stimulating. Rubbing one's Weenis with said person's Wagina is "Elbow Masturbation"
Hey did you hear who had Elbow sex yesterday?
by ham236 September 14, 2009
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When 2 people cum on each other’s elbows and rub them together

Usually performed by the lgbtq community
by Jack.How December 14, 2020
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A sexual activity performed by homosexual swedish people (all the sweeds). During this activity two or more homosexual men put each others elbows into each others anus as deep as it goes. Weird, i know...GO SWEDEN
Hey, my name is Iman Khan and im Swedish. Wanna go have swedish elbow sex with me and my dad?
by Eero Paasikoski February 02, 2009
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When a male inserts their penis into the inside crease of the elbow when the arm is bent.
Hey baby can i stick my penis in your elbow crease and have Elbow Crease Sex?

bend that arm for me, i want to place my penis between your bicep and forearm and have Elbow Crease Sex
by Rondey Ride May 12, 2011
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