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n. - "el FUK AA"- a drink made exclusively of hard alcohol of any kind mixed with both tequila and bailey's. Most often drank from a handle of liquor that has been partially duct-taped and labeled "el fucka". The label usually also contains multiple expletives and if the owner is under 21, many crude remarks made towards the police.

This drink is easily recognizable due to it's large amount of congealed baileys and a strong noxious odor that escapes the bottle immediately when opened.
Max- "I don't remember what I drank last night. I woke up in the room of some guy on the fourth floor. I had vomited on his couch and peed in the corner of his room."

Mike- "That doesn't surprise me. We busted out a bottle of el fucka last night."
by halonistic December 06, 2011
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