A word Canadians use after every fucking sentence.
Canadian #1: Do you want to come to the party with me, eh?
Canadian #2: Sure, just let me get my stuff, eh.
Canadian #1: See you when you get there, eh.
Canadian #2: Bye, eh!
by mypetfly June 12, 2010
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eh- used when answer is too complicated for words, or too much to be into words, used when the other person understands it somewhat, if not fully or not at all, eh is the word for it, or when you're too lazy to type or say all of that
Rasheed how do you feel about you relationships with girl/women?

His answer: eh
by tanbabe93 October 18, 2009
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This is a powerful word signifying that the person saying it, to put it lightly, JUST DOESN'T CARE! If someone says "Eh" to you, you better start running cause they are in a bad mood, and don't want to be messed with!
Girl #2: Eh
Girl #1: Uh-oh....
by EhEhEhEhAnonymousEhEhEhEh February 20, 2017
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(adj.) pronounced "igh"
something so extremely lame/weird/goofy that the only word you can think of is "ehhh!!"
Person 1 (randomly says) "Last night I had a dream that I shaved your head with a potato peeler, and then you started bleeding ketchup...It was scary, I woke up and had to pray".....

Person 2 "What?! Man, you so EH!!!"
by E. Bellamy June 08, 2009
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A word invented by madam sabrina that means to not be good and also not be bad at the same time
"How was your day? "
"It was Eh"
by :(()) May 26, 2017
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to make any statment into a retorical question. usally used in canada.
wanna go for some beers eh?
nice weather eh?
by canadaguy October 21, 2010
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well, its really a word or a sentance, or even a question mark.
how about that eh?
hows it going eh
by canada guy October 24, 2004
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