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Like an Eiffel Tower, the sexual act where a woman is receiving doggystyle while giving oral. However, her hands are also used to jerk off one guy to her left and one to her right. When all four guys give a high five they create the shape of an Egyptian Pyramid.
We were giving Robert's mom the Eiffel Tower, but when she saw Joe and Steve walk in she demanded an Egyptian Pyramid. She loved it!
by steele80 March 04, 2008
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A threesome with two chicks and one dude. While one girl is riding cowgirl, the other sitting on his face. The girls must be making out, or pose together for a photo op in pyramid formation. The opposite of The Eiffel Tower.
Honey, lets add another girl and build an Egyptian pyramid tonight.
by Lissa-Monster November 22, 2010
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having oral sex with a man in the middle while jacking off two of his friends on either side in the shape of a triangle.
three guys and one girl equals the egyptian pyramid
by Johnny Poonanixxx July 10, 2010
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