a sugar-coated way of saying "feminist".
Person 1: Hey, you believe in equality of the sexes. right? So that makes you a feminist.
Person 2: I prefer to say "egalitarian".
by 0jasmine0 February 07, 2015
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1. Adj; Related to or believing in equality between people

2. n; a person who holds ideals based on the belief of equality between people

3.n' A term used by people who like the word but don't grasp it's meaning to self identify as self absorbed morons

4. A member of the Gender "Egalitarian" Movement.
1. Liberalism and Communism are egalitarian ideologies
2. Charles Darwin was a contemporary egalitarian
3. "Always being an egalitarian I took my roommates money form their room while they were asleep. "
4. "As an Egalitarian I believe men should be given the right to paper abortion..... Women don't need that equal right!"
by kn1s July 18, 2018
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