Someone, usually in adolescence, who tries to look cool by being dark, mysterious, and having an especially nihilistic or cynical point of view, to the point where it becomes cringy
Traits of the Common Edgelord include: Wearing Pure Black Clothing Usually a hoodie, Being a 9-14 year old, Having all their internet Usernames include "Xx_ _xX", playing fortnite, and repeatedly saying how much their life sucks.
That 12 year old edgelord thinks hes the shit but hes just acting really cringy
by OneSharkyBoi March 21, 2019
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A young child around the ages of 7-16 attempting to be edgy (usually online) by swearing, or proclaiming edgy statements. The edgelord in particular case is usually trying to seem more mature which the aforementioned subject matter
This edgelord is so annoying!
This kid's definetly an edgelord!
by Tylerader005 October 15, 2017
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A kid probably under the age if 13 years old who thinks that they are automatically “cool m e m e l o r d s” just by spouting the word “cringe” and making a joke about 9/11 with at least no context.
Edgelord: oh lol this kid in a coma is so cringe 9/11 is fake hahaha d a n k m e y m e y s rite????
by dreru May 19, 2018
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Usually a borderline physically disabled scrawny teenager or fat basement dwelling young "adult" with little to no social skills outside of the realm of the internet. Expresses strong opinions which they may not actually hold in order to cause offense or gain internet cred because their true lives are void of any real accomplishments. Video games and YouTube are their primary hobbies, as well as frequenting various internet forums while life outside passes them by.
Having sexual relations with an underage girl is not a big deal because Western women grow up to be sluts and should be dominated at a young age, said the edgelord while a tear rolled down his red plump cheek as the reality of his eternal virginity crept to the forefront of his mind.
by vmoneysign November 17, 2017
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Somebody who tries to be cool or relatable by being excessively dark and/or psycopathic or making sex jokes to the point where its unbearable.
I couldn't think of an example for edgelord that hasn't been already used
by ASoundMakingReject January 12, 2020
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Is basically a sophisticated and hardcore emo who is obsessed with black and chains, and always saying that they want to die so the can go to hell where they can be happier. They also wear black nail polish, and really dramatic eyeshadow and eyeliner (for all genders)
“Wow your sister is such an emo!”

No u twat she is an edge lord!”
by Spooky_sissssss October 09, 2019
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