A stunning kind girl , who loves to celebrate!! She will often be fouled by boys but they will soon regret. An absolute badass!! She gets all the attention as she walks around proudly. She is so amazing and nothing about her can be beaten. She's a strong beautiful women, anyone would like a night in bed with her!!
She's truly the best at everything!!
Gosh look at ede , the hottest girl in our school😍😍
by Jehdjdbdjebeheab December 26, 2016
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An abbreviation commonly used among anime viewers to refer to the "ending" or "credits" of an anime show. Often times it contains a short animation along with a song. It has also been used in the context of referring just to the song portion of the ending.
Person A: "What did you think of the show's ED?"
Person B: "Which season ending are you talking about? 1 or 2?"
Person A: "Season 2"
Person B: "Ah, well the animation was mediocre, but the music was put together nicely."
by GoodnightMoon June 8, 2009
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The person Nick stole the bagel from.
"Fuck you, Nick, that bagel was mine!"
"Fuck you Ed!" Nick replied
by Nick The Bagel Stealer October 29, 2019
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Also part of the infamous mafia. He is pretty hip "n" trendy and has quite the sportiness in him, as he is also part of the Rugby Lad association of Greater New York along with Toe Bee. He is a little daft and his academics ain't great but he is *trying* apparently.
Bo: You know Sam yeah, he is a bit of an Ed A.
Toe bee: Nah m8, he needs to be a Rugby Lad to be an Ed A.
by Boby Swanson July 3, 2020
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When you are caught off guard by a picture of Ed
Oh man someone has just Eded these crisps I can’t believe this!!
by Finbar birchall February 21, 2022
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A manufacturer of permanent markers.
Whenever something like a table or chair is ruined by a black pencil it has been someone with an Edding. Eddings are the German Sharpies
Teacher: Ok who wrote "FUCK" on my table?
Student: Well... it was my Edding HAHAHAHA.
by bulleti August 24, 2005
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Acronym of "Evel Dick" or "Evil Dick"; a contestant on Big Brother 8 and Los Angeles bar manager. Real name is Richard Donato. Father of Daniele Donato, who was also a contestant on Big Brother 8.
"I want to be sitting next to ED in the final two."
by Kayla Franklin August 29, 2007
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